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Private & Criminal Investigations • Miscarriages of Justice •  Suspicious Death • Recent and Non-Recent Abuse • Missing Persons • Cybercrime • Online Scams • Fraud • Find a Lost Relative or Loved One • Employee and Staff Investigations • Marital Investigations • Video and Audio Surveillance • Counter-Surveillance / Bug Sweeps • Corporate Investigations • Due Diligence

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

Surveillance cases call for sensitivity and great care. Instruct the wrong investigator and you, or your organisation, could expose yourself to considerable expense and much criticism.

Surveillance covers a wide field and can range from instances of infelicity, all the way through to an untrusted business partner, colleague or member of staff. We also undertake insurance or benefit fraud.

Our surveillance work is tailored to your individual needs, we undertake static (van), mobile (car, bike and on foot) and vehicle tracking.

We also offer:

  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Covert and Overt Video Installation
  • Sweep & De-Bugging

Asset Location and Recovery

By calling upon our vast range of experience, we can help protect, trace and recover your lost or stolen assets.

No matter whether your assets are financial or physical property, we will help you secure them to prevent their loss. If the assets are already taken, then we will work to locate them and recover them where feasible.

Some examples would include money lost to investment fraud, jewellery theft or even property taken by an estranged partner or spouse. We even provide underwater search and recovery through our partner company.

Miscarriages of Justice and Wrongful Convictions

Overturning a conviction is not easy, but it can be achieved.

The team at ‘Specialist Investigations’ have reviewed some of the countries most high profile criminal convictions, such as the tragic case of Barry George, the so called ‘Essex Boys’ murders (a case which is now before the criminal cases review commission requesting a fresh appeal), and the case of a British Dentist which is currently under extensive review and is considered a genuine miscarriage of Justice.

Fraud, Cybercrime and the Dark Web

From romance scams through to identity theft and false insurance claims, fraud happens in many different ways.

With the increased use of technology, a high percentage of today's fraud takes place online and can include crypto-currency transactions on the Dark Web.

Our highly experienced team can put various things in place, as well as provide training, to protect you from fraudsters. They can trace the location of the fraudsters and follow any money that you may have lost to them.

Trace & Locate

With our wide experience and resources we are able to trace and locate most people, sometimes even if they have changed their name and moved to another country. Due to our success in locating people this has become a growth area of work for us.

Only a very small number of people go to extreme lengths to remain hidden and manage to successfully not leave a trail.

Missing Persons

People go missing for all kinds of reasons.

Given our background and experience we would work very closely to establish if we are able to help and what our clear protocols are when we find missing people.

This is an incredibly sensitive area and one that we have had considerable success.

Media Response

From time to time people or organisations will find themselves at the centre of a media story. This could be in relation to a personal or a company situation.

Any response needs to be carefully considered, both in regard to what is said and how it is said.

We have considerable experience of handling critical situations where people have found themselves at the centre of a media storm.

Criminal Investigations

Being investigated or prosecuted for a criminal offence can be a very daunting experience. The cases that result in success for an accused tend to be those where the defence team is pro-active rather than simply responding to the evidence as presented by the police and prosecution.

You could not envisage a better investigative team than a former senior detective and highly experienced defence solicitor working with you  and on your behalf, not just to expose the deficiencies in the prosecution case, but to actively identify and obtain evidence that positively undermines the nature and extent of the allegation(s).

Undercover Investigations

You might suspect that something isn’t quite right within your organisation. This could involve missing stock, a reduction on profits or a member of staff you suspect is absent without good reason. As a business owner this can cause considerably worry.

It is often simply not possible to uncover the truth with basic CCTV or without external help. These issues, if not resolved quickly, can prove disastrous to a business. Sometimes, undercover and/or covert surveillance is the only answer.

The only challenge in these circumstances is finding the right person amongst the many offering this service;  we can help.

Our undercover investigators can help you with a wide range of problems, including:

  • Alcohol or drug abuse in the workplace
  • Timekeeping
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Productivity concerns
  • Sexual harassment
  • Theft
  • Warehouse/Office Staff issues